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My Community Exchange
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MyCommunityX is CommunityXchanges' Omnibus Exchange, a unique platform where individuals, groups, organizations, or corporations, can create a continuous flow of new social and business opportunities

MyCommunityX delivers far more efficient solutions for building productive relationships than traditional groups, live encounters, or Social Media networking alone. Communities and events can range from a vetted lunch date for two or hosting an International Conference of millions.

Introductions are made privately/anonymously by sharing content through member-regulated online communities, live events, forums, and listings, not personal profiles.

There's no learning curve or APPS to download, slow you down, or spy on you! In fact, our mobile version was so good we ported it to our full site!

Join MyCommunityX free today and receive 30-days of free Premier Membership that extends across all CommunityXchanges. If you represent an official organization, please consider taking advantage of our Partnership Opportunities.
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