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Need better tools to promote group
networking and event management?
Joined every online/in-person group,
but still not meeting the right people?
The CommunityXchanges network is far more efficient at building social or business relationships and friendships than traditional Face-Face or Social Media Networking alone.

MyCommunityX is the omnibus, or 'for all', platform of the CommunityXchanges. and is open to any Organization or Individual.

MyCommunityX provides all the tools needed to create and mange continuously engaged online communities and face-face events.
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• Corporations
• Associations
• Government
• Institutions
• Non-Profits
• Societies
• Churches
• Schools
• Clubs
• and more...
Community Members
• Social Media Followers
• Customers
• Distributors
• Prospects
• Members
• Retailers
• Vendors
• Visitors
• Guests
• Fans
• and more...

Premier Member Communities
• Friends & Family
• Home Owners Association
• Social Media Group
• LinkedIn® Group
• Neighbors
• Fan Club

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• Chamber of Commerce Exchange
• Alumni Exchange

Vertical Markets
• Member Management
• Event Management
• Property Management
• Custom

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