My Community Exchange
My Community Exchange
Leverage the efficiency of the Internet by joining, creating, and affiliating, vetted-member communities.

• Free-Member Communities
Members upload each other as Referrals, automatically making them all Contacts upon registration and allowing them to communcaite freely. Only the Manager must be a Premier Member. Ideal for Home Office, Virtual Work Force, Friends & Families, Churches, Neighborhoods, Dine-Arounds, Condo or Homeowner Associations, etc.
• Informal or Official Organizations
Privately Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, stage Events, and conduct eCommerce. Ideal for Corporations, Small Businesses, Institutions, Non-Profits, Associations, Societies, Clubs, Churches, LinkedIn® Groups, etc.
• Town, City, or Regional Community Networks
Create an affiliated network of Government, For-Profit Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, Residents, Tourists, etc..
• Business, Brand, Sport, or Entertainment Fan Clubs
Unleash the power of a Fan-Fan, Business-Fan, and POS-Fan, private network to engage fans and promote special offers, events, etc.
• Event Management with Attendee Engagement
Everything you need from arranging a date for two or managing a public event for 1,000,000's.
• Property Management (Semi-Custom)
Drastically reduce management costs while improving service by automating the delivery of Tenant Services including maintenance requests, scheduling, tracking, payment, and more.
• WIP-to-Door Order Tracking (Semi-Custom)
Track lot-controlled orders throughout manufacturing to final destination and everything in between.
• Private Communities (Contact Us)
Features SecureMail, Forums, Document Sharing, and eCommerce. Ideal for Virtual Business, Realtors, Business Brokers, Investors, Confidential Deal Rooms, etc.
• Please Contact Us about Your Application.
• See last page in this sequence about Partnership Opportunities.
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