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CommunityXchanges vs. Social Media
Privacy v.s Unwanted Socitation

Contacts and Email Addresses never shared.
Mobile-Friendly version - no spying Apps!
No advertisers - no ad clutter or obligations!
Personal Privacy Settings can display your real name or anonymously as a pseudonym.
Anonymous Introductions combined with your Contact Rules filters contact by describing why to, or why not to, contact you. Rules displayed whenever a Member is sent a message and controls spam for everyone. Automated penalties apply.
Private SecureMail sends a notification, less content, via email that a message awaits you from another Member. SecureChat (Future).
Private 'Meta-Vetting' has Members rank their Contacts as 'Unknown', 'Known' or 'Trusted'. The 'Trusted' sum for each Member is displayed site-wide. Referrals can be meta-vetted upon entry. VIP to meet new members.
Private Referrals can create unlimited Contacts by having everyone add or import each other as Trusted Referrals.
Private CRM features searchable Contact Notes and scheduling.
Private Member Profiles can only be viewed by your Contacts.
Private (Unpublished) Communities do not appear anywhere! Perfect for deal rooms or a private, friends & family website.
This Xchange is Hosted by CommunityXchanges, LLC.
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By default, Member email addresses are never displayed and Member names are only displayed on Communities, Forums and Events that you join. For additional privacy, adjust your personal settings upon login.

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